Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fuel Fire in Miami Airport Brings Delays, Cancellations

Florida Firefighters worked through the night to extinguish a Wednesday night fuel tank fire in the Miami airport that has caused disruptions for thousands of American Airlines passengers. Firefighters had the fire under control by early Thursday morning accordijng to reports from the Miami Herald:

"The fire, on the airport’s fuel farm on the southeast corner of the airport, near LeJeune Road, cut off at least 40 percent of the airport’s fuel supply, said airport spokesman Greg Chin.. Airport authorities are still investigating the cause.

American Airlines spokesman Ed Martelle said the airline doesn’t yet know how long it will take for the flight schedule to return to normal.

“It’s kind of one of these cumulative things that’s going to bite us through today,” he said."

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Photo by Gregory Castillo

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