Monday, August 15, 2011

Fire Damage, Deaths Following OK Wildfires

On Sunday, Pawnee Co. area firefighters say a second man died of injuries he sustained as he tried to leave his home during the wildfire last week. The man in his 60s tripped on a rock and hit his head, and died over the weekend in a Tulsa hospital.

Also Sunday, firefighters responded to an arson about a half mile from where the original fire broke out. They have made an arrest.

Firefighters have also released a detailed report on structures destroyed in last Monday's blaze: Houses - 16, trailer homes - 29, garages - 9, motor homes - 2, travel trailers -7, shops - 26, sheds - 24, barns - 10, livestock trailer - 1, utility trailers - 4, more than 100 cars/trucks, boats - 10, tractors - 5.

Pawnee County damage assessments are adding up, close to $15M from the wildfires last week Emergency Management officials said Friday.

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