Saturday, August 6, 2011

NIOSH Releases Report on 2010 Chicago LODD

NIOSH has released its findings and recommendations after a line of duty death (LODD) fire on December 22, 2010. Two firefighters were killed after the roof collapsed at a vacant commercial building on Chicago's southside.

You can read the entire report here.

The following are the contributing factors according the report:

  • Lack of a vacant / hazardous building marking program within the city

  • Vacant / hazardous building information not part of automatic dispatch system

  • Dilapidated condition of the structure

  • Dispatch occurred during shift change resulting in fragmented crews

  • Weather conditions including snow accumulation on roof and frozen water hydrants

  • Not all fire fighters equipped with radios.

Key Recommendations:

  • Identify and mark buildings that present hazards to fire fighters and the public

  • Use risk management principles at all structure fires and especially abandoned or vacant unsecured structures

  • Train fire fighters to communicate interior conditions to the Incident Commander as soon as possible and to provide regular updates

  • Provide battalion chiefs with a staff assistant or chief's aide to help manage information and communication

  • Provide all fire fighters with radios and train them on their proper use

  • Develop, train on, and enforce the use of standard operating procedures that specifically address operations in abandoned and vacant structures

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