Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kansas City (MO) Firefighter Allegedly Waved Gun at Colleagues

From the Kansas City Star:
Kansas City police were called to a fire station Wednesday morning after a firefighter allegedly waved a gun at four other firefighters during a dispute.

The victims later said they didn’t want to prosecute. Fire union representatives went to the suspect’s home after the incident and escorted him to a psychiatric hospital, according to police reports.

The incident began about 6:50 a.m. Wednesday when the 47-year-old suspect arrived to start his shift at Fire Station 28, at 930 E. Red Bridge Road.

The suspect “started complaining about the new guys never putting fuel in the fire trucks,” the police report said.

A 29-year-old firefighter “wasn’t really listening to the suspect,” police said, because he was trying to get ready to go home. This angered the suspect, who said, “I’m talking to you, too!”

The younger firefighter asked “what his problem was…and why he was yelling,” according to police reports. The suspect then allegedly shoved the younger firefighter with both hands.

A fire captain intervened and told the suspect to go home and take a “sick day,” according to police reports.

A few minutes later, the suspect showed back up in the fire house with a gun and “began waving it back and forth and pointing it at” four firefighters who were sitting in a common area. The suspect “stated he was going to shoot them all,” police reports said.

The fire captain told the suspect to put his gun away. The suspect complied and left.

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